Tip Sheets and Analysis reports.

The origin of all the tip sheets and analysis reports produced by StkUltra is a compact data file identified by the file extension .DOC. This file is a comma delimited table of data for each horse in the race. While this method of organizing the data is ideal for computer programs it is not so useful for human consumption.

StkUltra reads the DOC files and produces web-page style output as shown in the image to the right. As it produces each page of output, it looks for header and footer files to add. if these are present in the directory, StkUltra will use them. If they are not present, StkUltra will add default header and footer html tags.

The names of the header and footer files are hard coded into StkUltra. The headers are h1.hdr, h2.hdr, and h3.hdr. The footers are f1.ftr, f2.ftr, and f3.ftr.

StkUltra organizes each track's output data and produces a set of click links to each tip sheet and analysis report. The set of click links is given the name, TRK.html, where TRK is the track code. The links point to tip sheets with the name format of TRKMMDD.html, where TRK is the track code, MM is month and DD is the day of the race.

A condensed analysis of each day is presented with the format TRKMMDDa.html, and the raw data is presented as TRKMMDDd.html.

The group of files shown in the image to the right was produced by clicking the Command Central buttons, Mk Lst, and Make ABC's. In this case, genuine BRIS data files were used to produce the DOC files from which these reports were built. There are several methods that may be used to produce the DOC files, however, including creating them with a text editor, as is sometimes done.