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StkUltra profile sets.

The data file is suitable for printing either from your web browser or from the main text box of StkUltra. The data shows the Track code, race day, race number, race distance and race class.

The A, B, C, and D selections are shown based upon the Bet Odds value. The A selection is the most likely to win but will not often be playable because the public will know about this horse.

Your most likely profits will be in playing overlays in the B, C, and D selections. An overlay is when the public is willing to pay you more than you think the horse is worth. That is -- more than the Bet odds column predicts is a fair value.

The ML column shows the Morning Line Odds published by the track stewards. These odds are generally scientific, but they are skewed toward the low end because of the track's take out of the betting pools.

The Bet odds column is calibrated to be the same as the Tote board odds. Bet odds and Tote odds are directly comparable. Both account for the track's take, and the fact that you get your initial bet back, plus the odds. So, the correct payment for odds of 2 is $6.00, because you get your $2 bet back plus 2 times your bet.

You can click Show It as above or Surf It as below

Click the Show It command button to show the highlighted html file in the main text box stripped of html tags or the Surf It command button to show the highlighted file in your browser.

The Surf It button assumes your browser is IE and that it is located at the place where IE usually resides. If you're using a different browser located somewhere else, you can modify the SURFIT.BAT script to point to it. Then click the script and Run It, to show your cross linked html tip sheets.

More about the Helper Scripts

You don't have to use scripts, but they make things much more easy. For example CLEANUP.BAT archives all your working files and gets your directory ready for the next onset of handicapping.

In StkUltra, scripts are organized and explained with reminder text. The Info text box just to the right of the column of command buttons displays the reminder text of highlighted scripts as well as the commands in the script. Both the reminder text and the commands may be modified in the text box and saved directly from the Info text box.

To modify scripts in the Info text box, left click your mouse with the pointer within the box to get a live keyboard cursor going. Use your keyboard to edit the text then save it by clicking the Save button that will pop up when you start editing. Anything goes in a text row that starts with rem . Notice that's rem(space). So you can add your own personal reminders without fear of doing damage to the script.

with LAD in the RunWith text box
as shown above

Running the GETTRACKS script copies all race day files of a certain track into the working directory. The files are then ready for training profile sets, making tip sheets, or any other operations you may want to do.

Clicking a .DOC file that is listed in the File List box highlights the file and causes the label on the html command button to change to Mk Tips. Then when you click the Mk tips command button, StkUltra makes html tip sheets and analysis sheets using all .DOC files of the same track code as the highlighted file.

This can sometimes be confusing if you're trying to make tip sheets using all tracks at once. Even though you may have made a FLIST.DAT file with all tracks in it, that FLIST.DAT file will be overwritten when you click a .DOC file that is in the File List box.

You can use the Command Central console's Make A B C's command button to make tip sheets of all files listed in your FLIST.DAT file list. The MKFLIST.DAT script makes a FLIST.DAT file that is a list of all .DOC data files in the working directory.

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