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StkUltra Handicapping

The best data files for StkUltra
are the BRIS Single File Format (B) data files.
The Next Step Making Tip Sheets

To obtain the BRIS files, you will need to sign up with BRIS for a user name and password you will use to download the data files.

After you have signed up, point your web browser to BRIS and click the Selections, Programs & PP's tab.

That will take you to a long list of products that are available from BRIS. We are interested in the Single File Format ( B ) Programmers Data Files. The ( B ) format is from the old days before all the GUI eye candy we have today. All you got was a black screen with a choice of A, B, C etc.

Scroll down the long list until you find the DRF Data Files (Single) link. It will be pretty far down the list, right after the Austrailian products listings.

Click on the DRF Data Files (Single) link. That will take you to a list of data files available for the tracks that are currently racing. The actual file links are numbered with the day of the month date of the races. There are early listings that are published before the program numbers for the horses are assigned and there are later listings that are published after the additional data are known. You will want the files that are published after the program numbers are assigned and the morning line odds are determined.

These late data files will have a letter p after the day of the month link.

Clicking the DRF Data Files (Single) brings you the the actual page of downloadable files. You can get to this point without an account with BRIS.

As soon as you click one of the data file links, a username and password box will pop up. Enter your correct username and password and your browser's download manager will pop up.

This point is the most important point in the download process. You must instruct your browser's download manager about where to put the downloaded file.

On all browser download manager popup boxes, there is a place to tell it where to save the file. It is usually at the top of the popup box. There will be a location specified there that is probably not the place you want to put the file.

Click the little down-arrow looking tab at the right of the download location name to expand the download options. Navagate through the options so that you finally select your StkUltra folder as the download location.

For Windows users.

For Linux and Unix users.

Now that you have downloaded your data file you can extract the data from the zipped file and present it to StkUltra for the handicapping process that will produce your daily tip sheets.

Extracting the data.