Detailed Notes on Making R.DOC files from BRIS Charts.

I left my Linux session and booted up in Windows XP. This is my normal routine to get all the charts for all the tracks in about 10 minutes.

Start StkUltra -> Click menu item "Back" -> Scripts -> run the script "CLEANUP.BAT" -> Click Menu item "Back" to get back to the clear input window.

Click menu item "Options" -> Click Option item "Hot"; notice that the caption on the "Filter" label changed from "Filter" to "Hot". This causes StkUltra to parse the text pasted into main text area to find enough info to build the Race-Day name so that you don't have to type it into the Save-As text box. The name will automatically pop into the box.

Start FireFox -> -> Results & Charts -> Instant Charts (FREE) to navigate to the BRIS Charts files.

Left click on a race day results chart. Wait for the chart to fully load. Right click a blank spot on the chart -> Left click "Select All" -> Right click a blank spot on the chart -> Left Click "Copy" -> Left click a blank spot on the chart. Wait for the highlight to go away.

You now have a FireFox text copy of the race chart in your windows Clipboard. If you can see a piece of the StkUltra window, left click on it to bring StkUltra into focus. If you can't see a piece of StkUltra push Alt -> Escape to change focus until you bring up StkUltra.

In the main text area of StkUltra, Right Click -> Left Click "Paste". The right click brings the Pop-Up menu. "Paste" is on the menu.

Notice that the data that pops up is nicely tabbed into data fields. If it's not you're dead. Probably because you're using IE instead of FireFox.

Notice that StkUltra correctly identified the raceday and placed the filename in the FileName text area. Click the Save As command button to save the race and clear the text area for the next raceday.

Repeat for all the tracks you want to get.

For todays races, the 21st of October, there were two problems. Auto Name recognition didn't work for BEU, probably because I have a spelling error in the program. I typed in the correct name in the text box, BEU1021R.TXT. Same with Meadowlands.

Now, all done getting the TXT files. So close FireFox. On StkUltra, click the menu item "Options" Click "Hot" to toggle the text parse function off. Click the menu item "Back" -> Command button "Scripts" -> Batch file "TEXTTODOC.BAT" -> Command button "Run It", to run TEXTTODOC.BAT.

Click the command button "R DOC" and notice that all the R.DOC files are there. Click on an R.DOC file -> Click the command button "Open" to bring up the raw data in the text area and notice that it is all there and intact.

Now, with DOCS and R.DOCS present in just click on a R.DOC file, then click the command button "Rslt it" to enter results in to the .DOC file. Click "Rslt it" again to make the .html tip sheet. Actually the results are entered on the first click, and a tip sheet is made, but the first tip sheet gets made before the results actually get into the file. That's why you click twice, so that the tip sheet gets made after the results are actually in the file.

You can always make tip sheets later with BIGFLIST.BAT, which makes tip sheets and analysis sheets of all .DOC files in the working folder, all with just one click. It uses the profile "ALLVAR.DAT" and produces output like the SAMPLES which are produced exactly that way.