Horse Race Handicapping Progress
log of StkUltra changes

Release 20060116: Added 30 days to the time to live for StkU.exe and txtdoc.exe.

Release 20060101: Reorganized the training functions to enable automatic assignment of the odds spread variable during the training process.

Release 20051223: Tweaked StkU.exe to allow still more accurate odds prediction and testing. The spread variable can now be larger to push more horses into the playable odds range where the Bet Odds are less than the Off Odds.

Release 20051219: Changed StkU.exe to show the odds spread table with the #5 menu option to facilitate adjusting the odds spread variable 18. Power users can now quickly test and adjust the odds spread variable for accuracy. The method is to start with odds spread of 1 and increase it upward to make it as large as possible while avoiding negative accumulative deviation numbers in the bottom row. The accumulated deviation should be zero at some odds number close to 10.

Release 20051216: Changed the odds spread system in StkU.exe to self adjust to new variable weights assigned during training. With overall spread key (Variable 18) set at 5, the new default, odds accuracy seems deadly correct. Accumulated deviation of predicted vs actual odds of winners is now dead on at odds numbers less than 10 to one. More than 10 to one is within a point or two. This works with real BRIS data. It works with entry data when only the ML odds are used as the selection criteria. (Variable 12 at 10 all others at 0)

Release 20051215: Fixed a glitch that sometimes allowed NFO text files to lose track of their file name when being saved with the red Save button. Fixed a tendency of the Scripts command button label to display as Run It when it should be Scripts.

Release 20051210: Changed the function of the Nxt command button on the Command Central console so that it automatically creates the file list to set up for the Training command and the Make ABC's command. This eliminates one button click from the process of producing track by track selections.

Release 20051207: Names of the header and footer files were changed to make them more easily recognized. Names are now h1.hdr, h2.hdr, h3.hdr for the headers and,, and for the footers. StkU.exe will work without header and footers, but will use them if they are there. Changed StkUltra.exe to work without headers and footers but to use them if they are there. Changed the "Today" menu item to make it produce the TRACKS.DAT track list when clicked.

Release 20051205: Changed Claiming column to be the hard value of 70 for horses entered in a claiming race without a claiming price and for horses that are in for a tag used the equation:
value = (This horse claiming price / Maximum claiming price) * 60
Changed column 10 to offset the Low High column, this all in txtdoc.exe.
StkUltra.exe enhanced with more of the Graphics User Interface from Stk2002. StkUltra.exe enabled to train the ALLVAR.DAT profile using all tracks in the file list, FLIST.DAT.

Release 20051130: Changed the Claiming column to show the reduced claiming price for horses that are entered for a tag. Horses that are opted (bought) out of the claiming process get the maximum claiming tag plus 10. The reduction statement for both claiming price and purse was changed to hold the numbers to less than 100 instead of 500:
while(value >= 100) value /= 10;

Release 20051129: Changed txtdoc.exe columns for Claiming price to default to the purse price if a claiming price is not present. For horses that go for a tab in races where some horses do not, horses that do not go for a tab get the purse value. Both the purse value and the claiming value are reduced by the C++ program statemtent:
while(value >= 500) value /= 10;
This repeatedly divides the value by 10 until it is less than 500.

Release 20051128: Added a Look-Alike Stk2002 console type command center to StkUltra. It works just like Stk2002. Anyone used to using Stk2002 should feel right at home. Also added Information files that pop up in the Info box when the buttons are clicked on the Stk2002 Look-Alike form. These information files can be edited and saved by users.

Release 20051125: Fixed a bug that prevented txtdoc.exe from properly recording payoffs that were over $1,000 dollars. It wasn't handling the comma correctly. Made space on the StkUltra.exe files screen to show the new training modules. Training has worked for awhile now, but required console entry. Changed StkU.exe to allow manual selection of runlines when viewing the Handicap BRIS file process.

Release 20051111: Activated the "T" option in the StkU.exe console so that text files can be converted to .DOC files from the StkU console. Added 20 days to the Time-To-Live date in StkU.exe.

Release 20051105: Fixed a problem with txtdoc.exe that couldn't handle odds-on favorites. Now, the probability is calculated using the decimal number then the odds-on odds number is rounded up to one. Also reduced the weight of Medication and Equipment changes from a multiplier of 10 to a multiplier of 3; still looking at this one.

Release 20051103: Fixed a bug in StkUltra.exe that caused one digit day dates to be offset one digit to the right in the auto-trackday recognition code. Example: Should be AQU1102.TXT showed up as AQU112n.TXT.
EDIT Changed StkU.exe to check for negative numbers in the .STK file and when found multiply by -1 to change them to positive numbers. This fixes "About" distance and negative seconds problems. This was previously fixed where the numbers were used, this fixes it at the source of the numbers.

Release 20051030: Added columns of data to TXTDOC.EXE so that it now populates all of the available columns. The extra columns are built from various combinations of post positions designed to find any type of bias that may exist. Changed StkU.exe so that it can automatically re-seed itself and retrain in search of better results. Re-synced the Windows and the Linux versions so that the Windows "StkU.exe" and the Linux "stk" are compiled from the same source code.

Release 20051022: Updated StkUltra.exe to correctly identify Woodlands Park and The Woodlands as the same race track. It is described one way in the Results Charts and another way in the Entries. Modified BIGFLIST.BAT so that it creates analysis html files of all the .DOC files in the working folder and organizes them in the Today analysis report. The anal.html created by StkU.exe still shows the last analysis by StkU.exe and provides convienent browser links to all the html files produced by the analysis run. Compiled the Linux version as stk. Linux version and Windows version use the same data files.

Release 20051022: Fixed a problem with the "Hot" menu item parsing that failed to identify the Race Day when the results file started with the 2nd race instead of the 1st Race. It should now work when Results start with races 1 through 9, will still fail if they start with a two digit race number, which will only happen maybe once a year. Failure means you have to type the Race-Day name into the Save-As text area in order to save the Results .TXT file. When working correctly, the Race-Day Name automatically appears in the Save-As text box for One-Click saving.
New Step-By-Step process for building R.DOC results files.

Release 20051018: Added a text box that loads help info files that provide information about the function of the various filters and the files they display. Enhanced the post position guess and moved the function to TXTDOC so that it assigns correct post positions to AE and MTO entries. Tested with about 200 entry files that failed before > no failures now. Now you can automatically make .DOC files from .TXT files with one click. From the "Scripts" window of StkUltra, left click TEXTTODOC.

Release 20050919: Made Stku.exe less dependent upon header and footer files. When they are not present in the folder, Stku.exe creates default header and footers. When they are present Stku.exe uses them.

Release 20050602: Fixed a problem with June recognition in the auto-trackname feature.

Release 20050528: Added the current tracks and put all the essential files in ZIP format so that the whole system can be downloaded with one click. It is STKULTRA.ZIP.

Release 20050510: Changed the Options menu item to show a menu of options.
Option #1, HOT, automatically finds the race day name so you don't have to type it in when pasting Entry and Results files into the text area. Clicking the option toggles it on and off. Click it Off when not pasting data to avoid parsing delays.
Option #2, AE-MTO, finds and reports AE and MTO entries in pasted Entry data so that you will know that you need to scan the data and replace the AE and MTO instances with the correct post position numbers. The program tries to guess the numbers but is incorrect many times. This option automatically disables itself after each find, so you must reset it again to test the next track. This was necessary because parsing the data takes a second or so and parsing happens every time anything within the text area changes.
Option #3,  Tags, Sets up the "Show It" button to show header data, or hide it. The default is to hide it.
Option #4, Batch, Batch converts .TXT and R.TXT files to .DOC and R.DOC files. It will attempt to convert any .txt file in the folder.

Release 20050502: Added all the current tracks and fixed a problem with May being properly recognized  by the date reading function.

Release 20050415: Added four more tracks to the auto-recognition function. This is presently hard coded into the program. It will need to be handled in an editable file eventually.

Release 20050413: Added Lone Star to the list of tracks for auto-recognition.

Mishap: Wiped out the Progress Log during a clean up operation to reduce the number of files at the download site.

Release 20050409: Added more tracks to the auto-recognition function.